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    The Mid Autumn Festival is an ancient festival, Chinese, is a good day for one month two reunion, thecloud is scarce, the moon is round, people have a joyous gathering, happily eating family reunion dinner.

    Once a year the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, it not only is the Mid Autumn Festival小兵张嘎的读后感, is also theuncle's home, the completion of the new building days, really good things come in pairs! His uncle prepared to eat a meal at the Mid Autumn Festival family reunion dinner.

    The night sky is inlaid with a round moon, like a jade plate, bright moonlight night, beautiful moon!Look, I suddenly thought of the chang e story, also seem to see the Chang is a white rabbit armswaving to us, in the bright moonlight...... Suddenly, my ears play a song -- “Prelude To Water Melody”, the song melody: people with grief at separation and joy in Union, the moon waxes and wanes, the matter ancient difficult full, nung, thousands of miles of the moon were……It is to the hotel.

    The hotel, then this beautiful song, the mid autumn festival atmosphere. I saw my uncle and aunt areentertaining guests, busy, originally to work my cousin from the company rushed back, grandpagrandma and others are talking happily, happy is not the mouth, the whole scene make people feelwarm. They saw us coming, they greeted us sit down. Me and some brothers and sisters is a rare to see a few times, this meeting so that we can be happy! “Long time no see ah, how are you recently, I do not think there is ah……” My cousin asked questions is endless. Here, Grandpa asked me:“learning is good, have to take the first? After a holiday to play ah!” Relatives welcoming words make me feel warm, “a family!” I think in the heart. After a while, the guests have arrived, he started servingtrays, dishes are served, every kind of cuisine, a superb collection of beautiful things, sometimes, my mother would help me dish, sometimes小兵张嘎的读后感, my cousin will help me to pour the drinks, grandma would......From these delicacies, I eat out is the warmth of affection. Then, uncle and cousin with a cup of winecame, not to the people will be drinking a toast uncle, holding a cup of wine stood up, said words of blessing, wine, a drink and empty日记, all Kua he drinks can be good, when father drunk, Dad drinking is not good, at first refused to drink, finally forced to drink, can not drink, just not for a while, face become red小兵张嘎的读后感, like a monkey, make us laugh……

    Family reunion dinner eaten, out of the hotel, looking up at the night sky, the moon still, I think: I do not know at this moment, the wanderer, whether also to dear people together? I wish they can as soon as possible to share the family reunion, the warmth of affection.

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