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    The year of 20xx is coming now,and now I have made my new year plan as follows:

    In this year,I want to improve my English and Chinese,because I am not good at them,and I am not good at writing too.I want to spend a lot of time on them to practise .I will try my best .

    I want to learn how to swim better this summer,because swimming is a good way to keep healthy.There is a swimming pool near our school .I will go there with my best friend after school.He will help me .We'll have a good time.


    A new year has come. In order to have a fruitful year, I make a plan for it. Firstly, I must study hard as much as possible. After all, study is the most important for me. Secondly, I will take more exercises. I always got illness last year. Therefore, I must be healthy this year. Thirdly, I want to learn swim this year. I like swimming very much, because I think it’s cool. I hope I can do it. Finally, I hope happiness is fully filled my home in the new year.


    My new years resolution is very very brife.

    New Year's Day is one of important days for many people in the word during the year.Most people spend the New Year'sDay in hotels.January 1st is considered as the New Year's Day.most companies,shops,school,and government offices are closed during that time.

    People prepare for New Year's Dayfrom late December.Firt,people spend a few days to clean their houses completely.Some families then put up some new painting from November to be sent in January.

    The New Year's meal is also prepared from the end of December.During the New Year's Day,people usually do not cook and relax at home. On New Year's Eve,it is common to have a bag dinner with family members or friends at home or in hotels and hear bells which informs us of the coming New Year.On New Year's Day,people fiest greet each other.

    Some people wear new coats and visit temples to pray for happiness and health theoughout the New Year.Children are busy with getting the gifts from their parents and relatives.

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