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    糟糕的一天 My Sad Day小学生英语作文

    糟糕的一天 My Sad Day小学生英语作文

    Today, when I went home after school, I saw the delicious snack, so I wanted to buy one of the snacks, then I could not find my wallet, I searched it many times, at last, I had to admit that my wallet was lost. I felt so worried, so I turned back to find my wallet, I watched the road carefully, suddenly, a black dog was in front of me, I felt so scared. The hog yelled at me, so I ran, the dog run after me, I run into the shop and got rid of the dog. I have to went home because of it was dark, my mother came out and told me I forget to bring my wallet, how stupid I am.


    the me 圆明园的读后感 三国演义的读后感 简爱读后感50字
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