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    假设你是李华小学三年级读后感,你的美国朋友Tom上个月来到北京学习。七月份你将去北京参加暑期中学生英语演比赛 (speech contest),你在资料搜集、语言运用等方面遇到了困难。请根据以下要点给Tom写一封电子邮件:







    Dear Tom日记小学三年级读后感,

    How is it going these days? I keep wondering how you feel about your school life in Beijing. Have you got used to the life in China? Are you enjoying your life? I hope you are.

    Let me tell you a piece of good news: I’m going to take part in an English speech contest of middle school students in July in the coming summer vacation. So I’m busy preparing for it. But now I have some difficulty in collecting useful information and using proper English word to express my thoughts. Besides, I really want to improve my spoken English, especially the pronunciation and intonation(语调). Of course, as a native English speaker, you can give me some suggestions.

    In addition, I’m going to visit you after the contest. I’m sure we will have a wonderful time together in Beijing! I can hardly wait to see you! I am looking forward to your early reply.


    Li Hua

    小王子优秀读后感 方与圆读后感 雷雨读后感 in ing 小学三年级读后感
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