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    我的邻居,有一个女儿。我们是同龄散文,但我们不要? T研究在同一所学校。晚上我们总是一起做功课。她擅长数学长袜子皮皮的读后感,我很擅长英语。因此,我们经常互相帮助。

    Good Neighbours

    We all have neighbours. A good neighbour is better than a distant relative. It is common that we may meet with difficulties.When we have igood neighbours, they will always come to help

    you. Neighbours should get on well with each other.

    My neighbour has a daughter. We are of the same age but we don~t study in the same school. In the evening we always do homework together. She is good at maths and I am good at English. So we often help each other.

    the 红楼梦第二回读后感 长袜子皮皮的读后感 围城读后感500字 口袋里的爸爸读后感
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