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    Every year in Brazil, a festival called Carnival is held in the streets of every state in Brazil.

    The biggest celebrations of all are held in Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro. People from all over the world go to Brazil just to watch the festival. Samba schools each develop elaborate floats such as these to enter into a parade.

    A lot of work is put into these floats. Look at this one! ..

    The students at the Samba schools also dress in flashy outfits. These outfits are full of glitter, color and feathers. The dance schools will try to be as original as possible and perform a creative dance to accompany their float. You can see them riding on top of this float here.

    I was really amazed by how quickly they changed their outfits. On this one float I found a magician made a woman change clothes right before my eyes.

    The floats are judged at the end of the competition. People place bets on the school that they think will win. For the people who win the bets, they will earn a lot of money.

    People from all over the world come and buy tickets for carnival.

    I truly do believe that the festival is a huge part of the Brazilian live.

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